Development history

 In June 2007

· Beyonderpower was established at No. 928, Shijing Street, Lin'an, Hangzhou;

· The company is determined to develop into a "professional supplier of lithium batteries worthy of customers' trust";

 In 2008

· participated in the China Model Exhibition;

· The product has passed the UN38.3 test and certification of Shanghai Institute of Chemical Industry;

In 2009

· participated in the Chicago Model Exhibition of USA;

· The product has passed CE, ROHS, PONY UN38.3 test certification;

 In 2010

· passed the ISO9001 quality system certification;

· Participated in the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair;

· The lithium battery for communication backup power supply was officially approved, and the company was rated as a "young eagle enterprise" in Hangzhou science and technology;

In 2011

· the lithium battery for electric bicycles passed the test of Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Inspection and Quarantine Science and Technology and was mass-produced;

· The communication backup power supply has passed the third-party tests such as testing by the Quality Supervision and Testing Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and user testing;

· Participated in the China Cycle Expo and the electric scooter batteries produced by the company attracted wide attention;

 In 2012

· It moved to the Science and Technology Incubation Center at No. 399, Huanbei Road;

· Electric bicycle battery passed CE, UN38.3 test certification;

· Electric bicycle lithium batteries are exported to the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries;

· Communication backup power supply started mass production;

· Participate in the China Cycle Expo and establish the image of a professional supplier of lithium batteries for electric bicycles;

In 2013

· Sales of electric bicycle batteries increased rapidly;

· Unicycle, balance car battery began mass production;

· Participate in the Shanghai International Bicycle Show to expand brand awareness;

 In 2014

· The company passed the ISO14001 environmental system certification;

· The sales of lithium batteries for electric bicycles have grown steadily and won market praise;

· Participated in the China Cycle Expo;

· The first batch of batteries for electric motorcycles was delivered;

In 2015

· the smart home lithium battery pack began to be delivered in batches

· Supporting lithium batteries for well-known foreign electric bicycles

 In 2016

· Participated in China Cycle Expo

· Headed to Cologne, Germany for a two-wheeler show

In 2017

· Participated in the European Bicycle Expo

· Developing battery for robot

· Starter batteries are delivered in batches

 In 2018

· Participated in the Swedish Bike Show

· Supporting lithium batteries for mobile medical stations for well-known enterprises

In 2019

· Participate in Bike motion in Holland

· Jointly develop drone smart batteries with well-known companies

· Hardware board passed ISO13849 functional safety assessment

 In 2020

· Develop 21700 battery modules

· Cooperate with domestic well-known enterprises to support smart home appliance lithium batteries

In 2021

· Mass delivery of 21700 battery packs

· Smart board passed ISO13849 functional safety assessment

· Cooperative development of small home energy storage power stations

 In 2022

· Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification